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Ron Schmitt, Winner of 2017 Mel Barr Award at IBEX

“I’ve been in the industry all my life,” says Ron Schmitt, President of G. G. Schmitt and Sons. “I don’t know what else I’d rather do. Working with the marine industry is like being in a fraternity. Every day is a challenge but the dedication of all the people around me that has made us […]

Six New Products at IBEX Also to Display at Workbo...

Thirteen products were pitched at IBEX Show 2017. These five, plus one not pitched but new, can be seen at Workboat Show 2017 in New Orleans. Product Pitch began a few years ago as “Pitch the Press”. It grew to be such a popular program that this year IBEX decided to open it up to […]

Boating Accidents in Florida – Press Conference

Since last June I’ve been writing and giving speeches for my Advanced Competent Communicator Award via Toastmasters. The project consists of 10 speeches. The last 5 of which are “Communicating on Video”.  Project #4 is “The Press Conference”. The objectives are: — To understand the nature of a video broadcast press conference — To prepare for […]

2014 Hammy Awards and New Season Kickoff for the L...

Posted in SmyrnaLife Magazine 2014 July/Aug Vol. 1 – Issue 4 According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the word hammy (adjective) means marked by exaggerated and usually self-conscious theatricality.  In June the Little Theatre of New Smyrna Beach did just that; presented the 2014 Season Hammy Awards.  The event took place at the Sugar Mill Country […]