WinthropMA_8134-1200x450“Your article about Pelican Place is so very nice.  I love it and appreciate the time you took to write it and include so much, plus the photos.  It was really a pleasure to have you as our guest, and my staff and I are proud to have Pelican Place included in your terrific nautical website and blog.”
Elaine Fitzgerald, Beach Vacation Rentals

Article and news writing is probably the easiest of all writing types to manage.  Both tell a story about a person, place or thing. It just depends on what purpose it will serve.

Are you writing to give information, tell a story or report something that is happening?

For example an article about the photo above could read as follows:

Settled in 1630, Winthrop is one of the oldest communities in the country.  It was named for John Winthrop; a governor of Massachusetts.  It sits at the north entrance to the inner Boston Harbor side of Winthrop, MA. The opposite side is the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a small peninsula of 1.6 square miles across from Logan International Airport’s South runway. The water tower in the background is a famous landmark for anyone flying in and out of the airport. It’s also a great landmark for those on a boat coming into Winthrop Harbor.

However, a news story could look like this one below.  Winthrop MA was chosen by Mel Gibson to film a piece of his movie Edge of Darkness. It was a big deal back then and definitely news worthy.

Either way, they both could involve interviews, research, and the actual writing.

I have written a lot of articles and news stories that have been published on blogs, newsletters, magazines, and newspapers.

If you have an article or news story you’re struggling with or just don’t have time to get it done – give me a call on my cell at 339-532-8334 or  contact me to discuss how I can help.