“I found the audio interview with the Winthrop Harbormaster on your website extremely informative.  There is nothing out there that provides anything like this.  I liked how I could listen to what was happening with the town pier while working at my desk.

I would recommend the site for anyone who is interested in gaining a better insight on waterfront issues affecting the town.  Often there is a lot of misinformation floating around, and this helps to get news straight from the source.

I hope to see more of this type of content on the website in the future!” 

Eric Gaynor, Executive Director, Winthrop Chamber of Commerce

Local Marina

I was always an inquisitive person, but it was during one of my projects that included visits to the local marinas in Winthrop where I learned of a new marina being built. The townspeople were struggling with this idea and many questions were being asked – all with unsatisfactory answers.

Soon I built a rapport with the harbormaster and interviewed him then put the recording on my website – it was also linked to the Town’s website. A lot of questions got answered; fewer people tried stopping the project. It was this interview and my professionalism that landed me a weekly column called “Mariner News” in the local paper.

It was during this project (I interviewed over 300 marinas between Rhode Island and New Brunswick Canada) that I realized I was good at interviewing and could get down to the nitty gritty, as they say.  Years later when I run into various marina managers that I’ve interviewed they still remember me.

Since then I have interviewed many Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in both the US and abroad.  These interviews included SMEs in the following industries: maritime and software technologies.


“What a fascinating life journey Mr. Kaiser has had and is having at a young 87. From the Depression, through WW II to the current. He is so modest about his artistic skills and you really captured his charm in this interview. I will go see his model at the Constitution Museum. Your photos are great and makes me yearn to own one.

Thank you for sharing this, it made my day.”

Sally Higbee

Note: Mr. Kaiser passed away on February 16, 2015 at 92.  To hear this interview click here.