Below is a list of questions I normally get regarding my writing practice classes.

How long is a writing course?

Each writing class is normally six weeks long. Currently we meet via Zoom for 90 minutes one-day per week. Sometimes, I may add a seventh week (depends on what the deliverables are for the course). This additional week is for extra time to finish homework assignments with accountability, ask additional questions, or get coaching.

Workshops vary from a two-hour session to three weeks.

I also offer half-day and full-day workshops/classes with coaching.

What is the preferred method to attend each class?

In-person is preferable. However, online classes via Zoom works too. Every student should have video capabilities and have them turned on.

Would you consider using other platform besides Zoom?

Yes, I can work with other platforms such as GoToMeetings, BlueJeans, Skype, etc.

What is the preferred class size?

Each class has a maximum of ten people. This gives everyone the opportunity to participate. Classes are 100% participation.

Do you provide certificates of completion?

Yes. However, currently I do not offer CEUs.

Do you give homework assignments?

Yes. Starting week two you’ll receive homework assignments via various forms of medium. One week you may be given the assignment during class. Another week I may email you instructions or send you an audio clip with instructions. Each mode of communication correlates with working at a company.

Do you offer coaching?

Yes. I offer both group and one-one coaching via zoom. Group coaching has up to four people in a session where we meet for a minimum of three weeks. During that time everyone gets a set amount of time to ask questions based on what they’re working on. No question is stupid. In fact, everyone on the call usually benefits from the questions asked.

The one-one coaching is more personalized. Both forms of coaching could include homework assignments to help clarify what you’re working on or for accountability.

Who do you work with?

Programmers and software developers who are moving from waterfall systems to Agile. I teach them how to write external documents and in-code internal documents.

Beginner technical writers looking to get sample documents necessarily for job interviews. Also anyone who has less than five years experience who want to practice their technical writing skills.

Do you offer recordings?

Yes. However, my classes are 100% participation which means you’ll get more out of attending class than just watching the recording.

What is the participation requirement?

My class is 100% participation. Each week we practice a different topic and writing exercise. The classes start off with a warm-up exercise for approximately 10 minutes. This helps you focus on the time we have together and hopefully leave any distractions behind.

Why are listening skills included in the class?

Great question! In everything we do, listening is a huge part of it. At work to get a project finished you first need to listen to the manager to learn what it is they want from you. Quite often you’ll approach Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for more information. You’ll have to listen closely to understand what they are telling you. And sometimes, what they are not saying.

When interviewing for a job you need to listen intently to what the hiring manager is asking.

Outside of work you’ll find your listening skills will also improve when dealing with family and friends. Plus, retain what you hear better.

In my class we not only practice listening skills, we also practice recalling what we heard.

Why writing practice versus writing class? What’s the difference?

Glad you asked! By the time you graduate high school you should know how to write. It doesn’t matter if it’s creative, journaling, or technical writing. My classes help you practice what you’ve already learned in a way that is fun and easy to remember. These techniques help with writer’s block, journaling, and creativity. Plus can be used on-the-job or at home.

I’m shy. How can participating in a group session help me?

I know how you feel. My classes are purposely kept to a minimum of ten people. In each class we do a lot of writing and eventually read back what was written. You’ll hear that others have written similarly to what you write. Sometimes you’ll go down memory lane based on what you heard. That’s called riveting. The feedback is always positive and you don’t have to read if you feel uncomfortable doing so. By the third week, everyone is comfortable enough with each other and willing to reciprocate with their writings.