Here we go again. Covid round two is here and while people struggle with working remotely, whether to home school their children or take a chance and send them to school – at least you sort of know what to expect for this next round. For some businesses Covid put a real damper on things, others are busier than before. Where do you fall? Back in February I moved temporarily to Pensacola, FL. After seven
The answer is two-fold. It depends on: How much information you need to tell your story or explain your topic If you are writing it to fill Google’s requirement or for your customer(s)? In February 2019, Backlinko published an article stating they analyzed 912 million blog posts. They talk about the type of blog posts that convert the best. According to Backlinko, if you’re looking to maximize your social shares through blogs, the perfect length
Years ago I traveled by car to over 300 marinas in New England and Canada to update a cruising guide book. (Now I get to go by sea which will provide a totally different perspective.)   As I started talking to marina managers, one of the questions I asked was what makes them unique. After a few stares, I quickly learned nobody really knows how to answer this question.  However, when I asked specifically what makes them
The Three Magicians of Palm Coast presented their second Magic Show at the Fair Trade Café with special guest Sean Sotaridona. Sean Sotaridona, age 12, is a student at Indian Trails Middle School and the youngest member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM)* Ring 251 in Palm Coast.  At age six he learned his first magic trick. For the past three years, Sean has done a few stage performances, coins tricks and his favorite card
“Have You Checked Your CD Renewal Date Lately?” Don’t get caught paying penalties when you don’t have to. Do you know the rules and regulations about your CD at the bank? Recently my six month CD came up for renewal and I was shocked to learn it had renewed at half the interest rate it was making before. I wasn’t paying exact attention to the maturity date. I knew approximately when the CD was going