Airtime Waterline wet suit with flotation device in the chest (black with red sleeves)
At first, I was afraid. Then I became petrified the deeper I walked into that cold ocean. It scared me. Not sure what I had to worry about. I had a wet suit on with a flotation device in the chest area. Thoughts kept coming back of when I was a kid and would go to Revere Beach, MA with my aunt Dee. The water fascinated me, especially the waves lapping up against my feet
This lemon-blueberry cake is easy to make. It’s not only gluten free, it’s dairy free and great for Passover (Pesach) also. I use a combination of glutinous rice flour (sweeter than regular rice flour and awesome for baking), potato starch and tapioca starch. Because so many are allergic to sorghum flour, you won’t find this in any of my recipes. You’ll see this recipe is written in grams. Baking is a science, therefore everything must
These cookies are gluten and dairy free. Not to mention wheat, sorghum flour, and nut free. They are great for Thanksgiving. I use Glutinous Rice Flour which works well for sweet rolls, etc. Plus potato starch to give it stability.  The Grapeseed oil gives a lighter taste in place of butter (dairy). You can use olive, canola or sunflower oil. This is the first time I’ve made these. Not sure how well they freeze but
Here we go again. Covid round two is here and while people struggle with working remotely, whether to home school their children or take a chance and send them to school – at least you sort of know what to expect for this next round. For some businesses Covid put a real damper on things, others are busier than before. Where do you fall? Back in February I moved temporarily to Pensacola, FL. After seven
This article was published in Summer 2020 Nor’Easter for TONE (Tartan Owners Northeast; page 3).  For the rest of the series go here. Editor’s Note: At the time of the composition of this article, the United States was in “Shelter in Place” mode due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Though some of the restrictions have eased, the message of this article continues to apply. It was a great day sailing and another majestic sunset. Rounding the