Have You Tried the ChatGPT App or Any Other AI Writer App Yet?

In a recent article “Copywriters Start Looking for Other Jobs” by George Atkins on Medium.com, it talks about how AI is taking over the writing world and we, writers, will be out of work. Is this true? Here is my take on it.

In January 1996, Bill Gates posted an article on Microsoft’s website that “Content is King“.

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Businesses took this literally and still believe it today producing lots of content. To this day Content Marketing is the best way to get our prospective buyer’s attention. Now our inboxes flood with all types of content. Good and bad. There is so much information on the web and social media sites, everyone is a writer.

These writing apps scour the internet looking for any content that contains specific key words you entered. Then the app gives this data back to you in either an article or list format. The point is AI programs like these have been around since the early 2000’s. The difference now is that today’s AI developers have a lot more data to test as they improve the application.

To prove my point, I ran the ChatGPT and H-SuperTools AI Writer program four different times. Each one gave me a list back based on my specific keywords. As I reviewed these lists, I noticed that three out of the four gave me most of my own content back. H-SuperTools only allows 100 words for the free version and was not what I was looking for. After talking with other users, it appears I am not the only one who had that experience.

Google™ will tell you they don’t scour the internet. Okay, then where did they get this information? The app must be searching something for it to come up with all kinds of information based on keyword searches. If not the internet, then how did it get into their databases?


Here are two examples using the keywords Boating Secrets Top Tips.

example of Chatgpt (AI Writer) results using boating secrets top tips

Example: ChatGPT

example of results from AI Writer H-supertools boating secrets top tip list

Example: H-SuperTools

Check it out for yourself. Enter keywords for your niche or content you know is out there – maybe from your own blog posts and see what results you get Let me know!

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