What are white papers and why would you use them?

White papers help prospective B2B buyers

  • Understand an issue
  • Solve a problem
  • Or make a decision.

Written well, they make you the trusted advisor.

Each white paper should be well researched and contain both facts and logical arguments. These facts and logic should promote a certain product, service or solution to a problem. And, at a minimum of five pages with an attractive design.

White papers are quite versatile. You can write one about any product, service, technology or methodology; to mention a few.

Three types of white papers

  • Dinghy – plain and predictable backgrounder, detailed description focused on the technical or business benefits of a specific offering. This type of white paper is simple, classic and predictable; just like a dinghy.
  • Atons – light and lively numbered list, framed around a set of tips, questions, concerns or points about some issue. These remind me of being in a channel where you follow the green cans and red nuns to proceed through.
  • Tug – rich and satisfying persuasive essay that delves into a nagging business problem and a new or improved way to solve it. Like a tug, these white papers have a tough job. Written right, they are rich and long lasting.

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