Thirteen products were pitched at IBEX Show 2017. These five, plus one not pitched but new, can be seen at Workboat Show 2017 in New Orleans.

Product Pitch began a few years ago as “Pitch the Press”. It grew to beProduct Pitch IBEX 2017
such a popular program that this year IBEX decided to open it up to everyone. Three of us walked the floor and talked to the exhibitors. Then we selected 15 products that we felt were new, noteworthy and innovative. We invited the company to send a pitch person to educate you about them. Each one had a two minute – skyscraper elevator speech. Below is the list of the first five companies and their product.


Faria Beede Instruments

Faria Beede Instruments IBEX 2017The Entel Net WD 500 is a vessel tracking end to end remote wandering solution. It connects to the internet box on the boat. Specializes in all the engine diagnostics and fault codes that allows real-time notification to the boat owner. It has smart phone or website access. The web app device also gives you the ability to turn the lights and a/c on and off on your boat.   It is not Bluetooth enabled. It’s 3g – about 50 miles offshore.



This product is a float free saving device. Stores all your marine Lifecell IBEX 2017
safety equipment in one spot and a world first. It holds any EPIRB from around the world. Plus, your flares, launcher, hand-held radio, airhorn, safety sheets, and heliograph to name a few. It’s both UV protected and fire resistant. It’s been drop tested to 100 feet. Plus, SOLAS approved. Lifecell mounts on its own brackets. Then, floats off when it hits the water.


Lone Star Marine

Malki Ary of Lone Star MarineCheck out this GX series Anchoring System. It’s a stainless spool with a drive on the side.  The drum stores all the roll; unlike a windlass where ropes drop into a cavity.  It’s an easy anchoring system to use. Drum winches run with twin shaft bearings and an all new emergency release that is standard on all models.  Best part? All GX Series winches can get wet!



Marinco/Master Volt

The Charge Master Plus is a new line of battery chargers. It comes with Marinco MasterVolt's ChargeMaster Plus
one universal input and three outputs. You can charge any type of battery with this.  One output also functions as an input. It has an integrated voltage sensor relay (VSR). Which, removes the need for additional components.  Plus, funnels the alternator’s energy through to the batteries. This unit comes with a temperature sensor.


Seastar Solutions

Seastar Solutions IBEX 2017The SeaWays Autopilot works in conjunction with SeaStation and joy stick Optimus 360 system. This particular system has 3 modes; heading, track and route. Heading mode holds a desired heading. Track (most common) holds a desired course over ground. It adapts to current wind on vessel. Route mode follows the waypoints provided by your chart plotter. One unique feature is you can use the joystick to change the heading in one or 10 degrees.



Strong mesh net and premium oxide grains make up the KlingNet disc.Klingspor at IBEX 2017
It’s great for clean sanding and dust collection. To clean the disc, you can wipe it down, knock it on the table or wipe it off onto your pant leg. Work pants only, please. The ability to clean off the disk gives if a longer life. It comes in grit range of 80 to 800. Their Klingon backing pad which attaches to the mesh by Velcro keeps the grain and dust from loading up on the disc.

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