Since last June I’ve been writing and giving speeches for my Advanced Competent Communicator Award via Toastmasters. The project consists of 10 speeches. The last 5 of which are “Communicating on Video”.  Project #4 is “The Press Conference”. The objectives are:

— To understand the nature of a video broadcast press conference

— To prepare for an adversary confrontation on a controversial or sensitive issue

— To employ appropriate preparation methods and strategies for communicating your organization’s viewpoint

— To present and maintain a positive image

Time: three to five minutes for presentation, two to three minutes for question period.

In light of the recent incident with former Miami Dolphin football player Rob Konrad, I felt it was time to come forward and address the issue of boating accidents. Plus, the seriousness of wearing a life jacket.

Here’s the video of that Press Conference. Let me know your thoughts!