The Three Magicians of Palm Coast presented their second Magic Show at the Fair Trade Café with special guest Sean Sotaridona.

Thr3e Magicians Show March 28, 2015

Sean Sotaridona, age 12, is a student at Indian Trails Middle School and the youngest member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM)* Ring 251 in Palm Coast.  At age six he learned his first magic trick. For the past three years, Sean has done a few stage performances, coins tricks and his favorite card tricks.  “I like the looks on their faces,” says Sean “fooling them in general when I’m doing the trick.”

During the Three Magicians Show, Sean performed in the first half with several tricks while materializing a wand, wine glass though it’s not his cup of tea, coin tricks and finally card tricks. Sean has a wonderful sense of humor. “I love listening to comedy all the time,” says Sean. “Gabriel Iglesias, Kevin Hart, all of them.”

Thr3e Magicians Show March 28, 2015   Sean performed a card trick involving an assistant from the audience (with a credit card). He then asks his assistant to read the instructions aloud, drops a card, then coyly asks for the credit card. He starts the trick again after realizing he missed a step. The credit card appeared later in the emergency envelope.

“My favorite person to learn from is Mathieu Bich,” acknowledges Sean. “He’s a French Magician and he’s really good at making card tricks. I do a few stage things and stuff with coins, but cards are mostly what I do.”

When asked if he has any tips for someone just starting out he says to learn the basics first. “I started off learning it on YouTube,” comments Sean. “Then started making up my own stuff.  If it’s coins, then there are some basic coins slides that make coins disappear. If it’s cards, you can learn how to shuffle a deck of cards and how to control cards. It depends on the genre of magic. Then get into the more professional and definitely learn from a professional. Get a mentor or something like that.”

Performing with the Three Magicians was a different venue than Sean normally does. “It was really fun to work with them,” Sean says. “They have great magic and routines. It was quite interesting because I don’t usually work on stage but it was fun to do this.  I did an audition back in November of 2014 for America’s Got Talent. Out of around 2000 people who showed up I was in the top. They wanted me to audition again and I have a high

Thr3e Magicians Show March 28 2015

Thr3e Magicians Show March 28 2015

chance of making the next round. But I won’t know until April this year. I’m still waiting results.  Practicing for that took a lot of practice. I had to come up with a 90 second routine that was difficult because you have to pack as much things and as much powerful magic as you can in only 90 seconds.”

* IBM Palm Coast meets at Sonny’s on 25 Cypress Edge Dr
the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00pm

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