Workboat Show 2016 in New Orleans, was a huge success.  Subchapter M was the big focus this year. June 2016 the Coast Guard released the final rule. July 20, 2018 is the deadline for the two-year phase-in.  By 2022, Subchapter M should be fully in place.  This means, towing vessels will become safer vessels and lose their un-inspected label. But is that enough? The show had more than 400 exhibitors. The thing that struck me
Did you know the ocean and sea covers 7/10 of the earth’s surface?  Post World War II immense changes took place in the way businesses shipped products; not to mention the design and construction of ships. Passenger ships fell and bulk carriers rose. This was due partly because of the Suez Canal closing in 1956. Ships now go around Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Bulk carriers were purposely designed for rapid unloading and loading
This article was published in Winter/Spring 2016 Nor’Easter for TONE (Tartan Owners Northeast). Inc. for previous articles go here: Ed.: This article is written for the “First Mate” – if you are frequently out on the water, it is important to know these basic procedures. Use this article to review with your Captain the location of the various buttons and levers as well as the “how to” method for starting your boat’ s engine. It could save a life someday! Being suddenly in
Years ago I traveled by car to over 300 marinas in New England and Canada to update a cruising guide book. (Now I get to go by sea which will provide a totally different perspective.)   As I started talking to marina managers, one of the questions I asked was what makes them unique. After a few stares, I quickly learned nobody really knows how to answer this question.  However, when I asked specifically what makes them
Posted in SmyrnaLife Magazine 2014 Nov/Dec Vol. 2 – Issue 1 under DayTrip After weeks of driving by the sign for Bulow Plantation, I finally turned down the dirt road to see what it was all about. Out of the car the ruins glowed in front of me in all its glory. The way the sunshined on the stones made it seem so mystical. I just had to go back to the car and get my