“One of the key things that differentiates us from other products,” says Nick Velado, VP Engineering at Nautic Alert, “is the fact that we rely on measured and verified data.”

Nautic Alert X2™ is an early detection platform. It gives boat owners the information and time they need to deal with critical situations on their boat. For example, if you’ve got six

Nautic Alert Insight X2

inches of water in your engine room you’re in big trouble. “What we did,” says Velado, “is come up with the first smart bilge controller that sits above the waterline. Only the pump sits under the water. Not the cables or switches. The pump is in a water-tight housing; UL approved marine device. It uses ultrasonic sound waves to read the water level. The electricity learns the attached pump characteristics. That means it knows if the pump is operating the way it should when it turns on. Then it can see the water level – like a human looks in there and sees what’s going on. Or, having somebody down in the bilge around the clock.”

Every week it will test the pump and make sure it’s running the way it’s supposed to. It learns how often the pump cycles on a normal basis. When a problem occurs, it will tell you exactly how much water is in there. This is possible because the system learns how often the pump cycles on a normal basis. When out of sync it notifies you right away.

Other events are if the water is pumping out too slowly, pump fails or a run-time error. The two pump Nevata switches to the backup pump automatically. It will also let you know when the water level goes down.

How it Works

A dc wire replaces the float switch on the pump. The wireless interface communicates to the Insight Little. You can use either satellite or cellular modem. Then you choose who receives the data sent via text or email alerts. It could be just you, the harbormaster or whomever else you choose. You can also check the portal online to access your data.

Nautic Alert Security and Safety System

Other Features

  1. Security and safety. The X2™ is the first microwave-based intrusion detection system; for boat monitoring. It detects someone climbing aboard your vessel. Then notifies you of a breach remotely or through a continuous chirp.
  2. Man-overboard. This is a device you take with you. Its transmitter is long range and waterproof. Once activated it alerts a global response monitoring company (GOS). If you hit the emergency button it alerts everybody on your contact list.
  3. Multi-bank DC monitoring and trending. This means you can watch nine batteries at once. And, eight security zones. The DC trending gives you a way to look at the data going back in time.
  4. Vessel tracking interface. The system updates from time to time as you move around. This provides real-time locations from the internet or your device.
  5. Anchor alarm. This is a high precision GPS module. The key to this module is it looks at your positional accuracy, first. Then based on a lot of complex algorithms it sets a circumference around your boat in as little as 50ft. This means it can detect very precise movement.
  6. Monitored shore detection for each xvault2.

In closing, the Nautic Alert X2™ looks for critical system events. Its design is to run in a lower power consumption mode. A typical system could use as much as 200 milliamps.


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