At first, I was afraid. Then I became petrified the deeper I walkedAirtime Waterline wet suit with flotation device in the chest (black with red sleeves) swimming in the ocean
into that cold ocean. It scared me. Not sure what I had to worry
about. I had a wet suit on with a flotation device in the chest area.

Thoughts kept coming back of when I was a kid and would go to Revere Beach, MA with my aunt Dee. The water fascinated me, especially the waves lapping up against my feet as we walked. She never let me in the water and kept saying I didn’t have water shoes on, and it was too dangerous to go in. Seaweed could wrap around my feet and pull me under. Never did find out if that happened to someone she knew or if it was because she didn’t know how to swim. Either way, I never learned to swim in the ocean, but dreamed about being out there on a sailboat. Another story, I digress.

In the Ocean

Wow, I made it into the water. Yup, I was still scared, even with Marjory by my side. We each had on an Airtime Watertime flotation wet suit. Marjory could swim, so we went in Winthrop Beach, MA.

I jumped in first and got wet. Panic immediately set in as I doggy paddled out towards the “Five Sisters” breakers. It was low tide which meant psychologically I knew I was okay. Once I stopped and turned around to swim back towards the shore, I felt a little better.

In the meantime, Marjory swam and floated on her back without any trouble. She also did a handstand in the water. The float kept pushing her back up.


Mind you, I have gone into the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean, and Mediterranean with less concern. Of course, I always had my strong guy by my side. It’s the cold Atlantic that scares me. In the end, it is whatever water(s) you feel comfortable in before you try an Airtime Watertime wet suit on and have your own experience(s). The next test is in a swimming pool where I feel 90% more comfortable.

In a Swimming Pool

Robin G Coles in an Airtime Waterline wet suit losing her fear of swimming and sculling in a hotel poolYeah, I survived. Six laps around the pool with the wet suit on. Definitely felt more comfortable swimming in the pool. I was able to stay afloat while sitting up and kicking my feet going backwards (sculling). After a while I got out, removed the wet suit, and got into the jacuzzi. Then, I went back into the pool, without the wet suit to cool down. This time I noticed I couldn’t swim as well and couldn’t scull. My body felt like it was sinking as Robin G Coles in an Airtime Waterline wet suit losing her fear of swimming and sculling in a hotel poolI attempted to swim the laps. The wet suit made a huge difference in my ability to swim, float and scull. I highly recommend this suit to anyone who has trouble swimming, fear of the water or would just like to swim further without a concern.