I’m expanding my array of Products/Services

There are two main areas of focus for any company in the marine industry; the delivery of products and the quality and array of services provided.

As an industry professional, you know that it’s all too common to experience the following:

The boating industry, more than most industries, can suffer from ups and downs based on the economy.

Considered a luxury by most people, the expense of buying a boat and maintaining it is not an insignificant amount of money.

As a result, the boating industry can experience wide swings of feast or famine.

During the lean times, you as the business owner, need to either think outside the box or go back to the basics.

Otherwise you’ll end up doing the unthinkable – closing up shop, possibly filing bankruptcy and walking away from your current customers.

I know from my years of experience in this industry, that I love so well, the challenge of revenue regulation.

This is NOT what you dreamed of when you opened your business.

There is a solution however. There are things that can be done that will allow you to not only survive this 2024 economy but thrive in it.

The pandemic ushered in a mini golden age for boat dealers and sellers, 4 years later we’re dealing with a new reality.

People are abandoning ship – pun intended.

Rising interest rates, an ongoing challenging economy and chain supply problems have created an environment that is causing your boating customers to reassess the lifestyle of a boat owner.

And, ultimately that affects you.

You’ve probably been re-evaluating things on your side.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re looking at a surplus of inventory and wondering how to move it or offload it.
  • You’re wondering if you’re going to have to lay people off, creating more work for you, even though you can’t fit one more thing into your schedule.
  • You see no end in sight for expenses climbing and the price of everything just keeps going up.
  • You’re concerned about the lack of work force clogging up repair and delivery schedules, frustrating you and upsetting your customers.
  • You’re not sure what you’re going to do about off-season cashflow.
  • You’re so busy trying to keep up with everything, you’re too tired to think of new solutions to overcome common obstacles.
  • You’re so overwhelmed that you are now struggling with an unclear mindset to look for opportunities and solutions.

So, what do you need most right now?

  • An expert’s eyes on what you’re doing or creating.
  • A fresh perspective from an industry expert.
  • Clarity on what is working now in the boating industry.
  • What successful business owners know that is keeping them afloat.
  • Confidence that there are things you can do TODAY, as you work toward greater stability.

Sometimes, it’s about refining your service delivery.

Sometimes, it’s about getting back to basics.

Sometimes, it’s about creating a different and more timely marketing strategy.

Hiring an independent consultant who can help you take a deeper look at the problems and come up with fresh solutions is invaluable. Having an industry expert who can be a sounding board, and then craft a workable plan can be the difference between keeping your company open…or not.

Is this you? Let’s schedule a time to speak.

What you can expect from this complimentary call:

  • We’ll take a look at the biggest obstacles and challenges you are currently experiencing.
  • We’ll then determine the specific outcomes you would like instead.
  • We’ll dig into the main bottlenecks that are keeping you in your current situation.
  • We’ll devise a high-level plan of what needs to happen next.

Sometimes, it’s about creating a better marketing strategy.

Sometimes, it’s about refining your service delivery.

Sometimes, it’s about getting back to basics.

This is a complimentary consultation and scheduling it does not mean you are committed to anything beyond the initial call.

However, if you are not open to considering structured consulting as a solution in the next 90 days for your current challenges, please leave space on the calendar for those who are.

Want to thrive in 2024? Let’s schedule a time to speak.

Running a business is always challenging, and the rewards can be great.

AND – it’s more important than ever in 2024, to have someone in your corner who knows the industry and has your best interests at heart.

Why Robin is uniquely qualified:

  • Expert in the marine industry for nearly two decades.
  • High end consultant to a variety of industries, including marine, hospitality, financial, and healthcare.
  • Sought after technical writer for the industry, with publications in various magazines, and newsletters, including Workboat, Professional BoatBuilder, and Marine Electronic Journal.
  • Featured solo columnist in Great Lakes Scuttlebutt magazine and the Tartan Owners of the Northeast (TONE).
  • Author of, “Boating Secrets – 127 Top Tips to help you buy and enjoy your boat”, published 2009.
  • Author if the series, “Boating Secrets” (12 total books).
  • Over 40 years in the software development lifecycle.
  • Owner of multiple businesses with a deep understanding of what it takes to run a thriving business.

Schedule your complimentary consultation here.

With over forty years as a Business owner, Robin works with small to medium businesses, who are looking to expand their business and are ready to take their business to the next level by supporting them in creative solutions that may not be readily apparent in the moment.

See what others have to say about working with Robin

Carl Blackwell

Carl Blackwell


Robin Coles has done a wonderful job of covering a comprehensive list of topics that will help new and experienced boaters get the most out of their investment.

An educated boater is a better boater and a better boater is much more likely to enjoy a lifetime of fun with family and friends. Robin taps into many of the recreational boating industry’s most experienced experts who will help you avoid many of the situations that inexperienced boaters could find themselves in. A boat is a significant investment of your time in an era where free time is much harder to come by.

This Nautical Lifestyle Expert Series is sure to help you maximize your investment while making you a better captain when you inevitably find yourselves in harrowing situations. As the captain, you take on huge responsibilities and it’s important that boating safety is always top of mind. It may save your life or one of your loved ones.

Jim Coburn

Jim Coburn

Coburn and Associates

I have known Robin Coles since 2009 and it is my pleasure to work with her. She possesses great knowledge of the recreational marine industry and is a talented writer, marketer and consultant. For example, Robin’s work with The Nautical Lifestyle is a great aid to all new and experienced boaters in addition to the marine business community. Her skills transcend the marine industry and I highly recommend her for any marketing or creative writing projects a business or individual may need.

Bob Leatherman

Bob Leatherman

Boat Tune

Robin Coles is worthy of my full recommendation for her work in video production, photography, and website loading. Robin worked diligently to get over 14 videos produced and uploaded to my website. Robin did the work in a reasonable time schedule, worked well with my staff and did it all for a more than reasonable fee. I give Robin my highest recommendation and would not hesitate to use her again for future projects.