Nando Zucchi in a blue dress shirt and suit coat.
“Both are two strange activities I got into as an adult,” says Nando Zucchi, VP Special Marketing for Evinrude. Lucky for BRP Marine Group, Zucchi chose to stay with boats. Photo courtesy of Rushton Gregory Communications Growing up in Reading, Massachusetts, just 15 miles north of Boston, Zucchi didn’t do any boating. It wasn’t until he moved to Milwaukee. There he started his career with Johnson Wax marketing their classic consumer package goods (Pledge, Windex
House of Refuge - Hutchinson Island FL
Some will argue life at sea was easier back before regulations were established by the IMO, US Coast Guard and ABS. But was it really? Most of the ships were Foreign Flags. That meant long tours of duty and no union. Today you’ll find seafarers prefer American flagships; the pay is better, and they’re unionized. “There’s a lot more paperwork today,” says Third Mate Mike Loesch. “Instead of doing just the noon report, you’re now
A full day and many phone calls later, I’m not much smarter about Subchapter M than when I started my quest. What I do know is there are more changes coming as the USCG refines different articles for more clarity. The best advice – and I say that loosely – is to contact your local USCG unit and ask for a detailed SubChapter C.  This report is known as the Uninspected Towing Vessels (UTV) Exam
This article was published in Winter 2017 Nor’Easter for TONE (Tartan Owners Northeast). for the rest of the series go here: by Robin G. Coles They say the most successful businesses are those that work well with their employees. The same holds true with Captains of boats. The most successful trips are the ones who know their crew.  More importantly, their crew’s limitations and how to work around them rather than complain about it.   As
“Imagine using a common grease and it’s dripping on the deck of a ship. People slip and fall,” says Ben Bryant, Marketing Manager of Kluber Lubricants. To prevent this from happening in the future, Bryant recommends using their adhesive grease. “It adheres well in these situations,” he says. “You probably wouldn’t use that same grease in a bearing. For that, you would need a grease that can operate correctly with a high-speed bearing.” Kluber services