“Have You Checked Your CD Renewal Date Lately?” Don’t get caught paying penalties when you don’t have to. Do you know the rules and regulations about your CD at the bank? Recently my six month CD came up for renewal and I was shocked to learn it had renewed at half the interest rate it was making before. I wasn’t paying exact attention to the maturity date. I knew approximately when the CD was going
This article was published in Winter 2015 Nor’Easter for TONE (Tartan Owners Northeast). for the rest of the series go here: by Robin G. Coles Boaters will tell you the two most exciting days in their life are:  1) the day they bought their boat, and 2) the day they sold it. An inexperienced boater will say the scariest day for them is when they had to be “Suddenly in Command”. Taking the helm when
Posted in SmyrnaLife Magazine 2014 July/Aug Vol. 1 – Issue 4 According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the word hammy (adjective) means marked by exaggerated and usually self-conscious theatricality.  In June the Little Theatre of New Smyrna Beach did just that; presented the 2014 Season Hammy Awards.  The event took place at the Sugar Mill Country Club. Six pm the doors opened; Barbara and Jim O’Connell greeted both men in tuxedos and women in various semi-formal
This article was published in SmyrnaLife Magazine 2014 July/Aug Vol. 1 – Issue 4 article and photographs by Robin G. Coles For Michigan born Richard (Dick) and Lillian Cuchetti, music is still a big way of life.  They’ve carved a brilliant niche right here in New Smyrna with it.  Prior to making their home in New Smyrna, the Cuchetti family spent 15 years on the road as singers; called The Conti Family Singers.   They met Danny